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OpenEdge tailoring hangs

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Tried to install OE 11.6 for development, on Windows 7, VMWare VM.
Removed before old OE 10.x.

When the tailoring phase starts, the system is not coming back, although I waited in one case the whole night.

KB knows several problems of that type:

File109=[01-13-2017 13:22:15] D:\dlc\oe116\bin/restgen.bat has been tailored successfully.
File110=[01-13-2017 13:22:15] D:\dlc\oe116\oebpm/studio/integrateOEBPM.bat has been tailored successfully.
File111=[01-13-2017 13:22:15] D:\dlc\oe116\ has been tailored successfully.

I tried everything which is suggested in KB entries. We now will use a new VM.

But I would like to know, if everybody knows this problem and has a solution ready.


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  • Google Chrome running? Try closing it before installing OpenEdge.

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