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Managing Open Edge release levels on multiple customer sites.


Managing Open Edge release levels on multiple customer sites.

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We have a few hundred sites to deal with where our customers are using our apps that run on OpenEdge 11.

The customers are, mostly, unaware or uninterested in Progress and OpenEdge.

We are responsible for deployment and upgrading of OpenEdge on all these sites.

Is this typical in Progress OpenEdge world or unusual?

Does anybody know: Is OpenEdge mostly used by developments teams create apps for use in their own companies rather than software companies selling apps?

Is there anybody out there in a similar situation of having to manage OpenEdge versions on many customer sites?
If so I would love to hear how to manage upgrades of OpenEdge to a large number of sites, are you sites mostly on the same OpenEdge version, do you have a separate set of r-code for every variant of 11.x?


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  • My company manages approximately 750 customers with on-premises installations of Progress OpenEdge.  We try to keep our customers on the same OpenEdge major version, recently we went from 10.2B.x to 11.7.x.  When we feel a major OpenEdge upgrade is warranted we support 2 sets of r-code for approximately 12 months.   Once everyone is on the new OpenEdge major version we discontinue the old set of r-code.

    It is a major effort to upgrade this many customers, we wrote our own installation packages that are wrappers that include the progress OpenEdge installation, along with other software and configuration changes we want completed.   We offer the installers and directions to the customers.  We also offer a fee based upgrade service for customers who would prefer to have us do the upgrades.


  • Derek,

    For many years, about one third of the PSC revenue from OpenEdge was from customers who used the product for in-house development of applications they used themselves.

    The remaining two-thirds came from about 2,000 application partners, some as large as PSC and some quite small, who built applications that they then sold to others. In these deals, the OpenEdge product(s) and their applicatipns were sold as a bundle - the end customer made their buying decision based on the features and capabilities of the application.

  • We are a Progress AP and have thousands of sites installed with OpenEdge and our applications. Yes, upgrading can be a pain especially when changing OE versions. This is why we typically stay in an OE version for about 5 years.

    We use Installshield to install our application libraries, any other dependencies as well as tailoring OE installed based on our app.

  • We are a mexican wholesale distributor of meat, most of it imported from USA.

    Have 11~15 permanent users, and 2 of that users, few times a week, connect by remote desktop to it's desktop station..

    I'm sole developer.  


    2 centos dbs,  12 gb and 8 gb