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Analytics360 - Uploading Files To The Web Server

The attached document explains the steps necessary to upload files to the web server using Logi Info...
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Analytics360 - Working With SalesForce

The attached document explains the steps necessary to obtain data from SalesForce using Logi Info.
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Analytics360 - Working With Twitter

The attached document explains the steps necessary to work with Twitter data in Logi Info,
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Logi Info - Load Balancing Configuration

The attached web document explains how to configure load balancing when your Logi Info implementation...
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Analytics360 - Web Page Screen Scraping

The attached document explains the steps necessary to gather data via web page screen scraping using...
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OEA360 User and Menu Security

Overview of Login and User Roles and Rights
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PDI - Performance Monitoring and Logging

The attached document provides details on how to set up process performance monitoring and logging within...
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Analytics360 - Working with jQuery

The attached document provides instruction on working with jQuery in Logi Info.
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PDI - Transformation Step Reference (V 5.3)

This document lists the transformation steps available within PDI version 5.3. Step links will open a...
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PDI - Transactional Database and Job Rollback

Provides information on how to roll back jobs should transformations and jobs fail.
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Logi Analytics - Dashboard Performance

This short overview, provided by Logi Analytics, will describe best practice development methodologies...
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User Maintenance Overview

An overview of the User Maintenance Interface.
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Working with Analysis Grids

This document explains how an end user will work with an Analysis Grid. All functionality is explained...
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Business Intelligence ROI

Quite often, organizations are asked to provide the expected ROI for their business intelligence project...
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Analytics360 v.3.3 Data Warehouse Reference Guide

The attached document provides an overview of the data warehouse and ETL processes used in Analytics360...
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