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Login error in OERealm form authentication


Login error in OERealm form authentication

  • Hello:

    I've setup OERealm form authentication against my 11.6.1 PASOE and am testing it from the browser and a simple Telerik JSDO app.

    I've noticed that logins raise an error in the console log.

    In Chrome... GET http://<ip address>:8810/Sports/static/home.html 401 (Unauthorized)

    In Firefox... GET http://<ip address>:8810/Sports/server 403 (Forbidden)

    The error does not seem to cause any problems. The logins work.

    I've not been able to find a cause for the error and am beginning to wonder if I should just ignore it.

    Has anyone else encountered this behaviour and can comment on it?


  • Hi Gord,

    This behavior has been discussed before (also describes the sequence of events):


  • Alright so it seems what I'm finding is expected behaviour and an error which should be ignored.

    Thanks Ruben!

    From the linked community posting...

    The 401 returned from the attempted GET of home.html is expected. The JSDO library does the GET of home.html to determine whether the app has already authenticated to the Web application. If it gets back a 401, it then makes the j_spring_security_check request, which does the "real" authentication.