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[OpenAccess Service]OEM verification failed.


[OpenAccess Service]OEM verification failed.

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I am beginner and I have ODBC Server and trying to connect from JDBC client which i have downloaded from website. 

ODBC Client which comes with product [ Progress Driver is packaged as part of product ] works fine. 

When I use JDBC  test client to connect to same server, I get below error. 

getConnection() Failed:
Message: [DataDirect][OpenAccess SDK JDBC Driver][OpenAccess Service]OEM verification failed.
Vendor: 3086
State: HY000

Could you please help me with this. 

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  • Looks like you need to brand the JDBC driver to use the branded server.


    OEM verification failed.


    The OEM signature cannot be verified. The OEM verification looks for a prefix.SHA file in the installdir\ipe. The prefix.SHA file is used to ensure that a branded driver can communicate only with a server from the same OEM.



    Brand your ODBC or JDBC driver and place the generated xxOA.SHA file in the installdir\ipe folder of the Server or the Local Client for ODBC.