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Three Rule Modeling Case Studies

This document takes three sets of rules and walks through the process of modeling (including finding...
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Insurance Rule Modeling Case Study

Insurance Rule Modeling Case Study
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Liability Amount Rule Modeling Case Study

This case study starts with rules expressed using the Decision Model rule family layout and shows how...
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Rule Modeling Case Study Use Case Texas Teachers Retirement System Rule 0155

The rule is described in the attachment as: This business rule reflects TRS’ authority to establish...
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Health Risk Assessment Corticon Rule Modeling Case Study (Based on the UMich HRA)

The decision in this example is to determine a Health Risk Score based on a number of factors
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Corticon Rule Modeling Methodology - Case Study - Medical Heart Diagnostics

Every cell in the body produces cholesterol. Additional cholesterol, received through the diet, is absorbed...
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CRM Rule Modeling Case Study

Use Corticon Business Rules to review accounts and create a flag record for each one that meets certain...
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Diabetic Patient Monitoring Case Study With Corticon and Rollbase

When a patient comes into the emergency department, the patient information gets captured. Then an ETL...
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Passenger Rebooking Rule Modeling Challenge

Use Case Given information about passengers and the flights they are booked on and alternative flights...
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Rule Modeling Case Study State of Michigan Retirement Eligibility

Sample Rules: Active at time of retirement and receives maximum insurance subsidy available. Must earn...
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Content Management Rule Modeling Case Study

XXXX is a content repository for sales collateral which we make visible in a lot of our applications...
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Validation Rule Modeling Case Study

When Entry Code is E2A or E3A or E4A or E09 * Grade must be PK through 12 * Prior School District must...
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Complex TANF Rule Modeling Case Study

The Business Use Case The objective is to evaluate a household consisting of a number of members (parents...
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The Corticon Decision Modeling Methodology A Case Study Vehicle Order Management

Distribute vehicles to dealers in proportion to their day’s supply gap for each type of vehicle...
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How to Deal with Uncertainty in Rules

Suppose I tell you I have a yellow object and ask you to identify it. It could be (among many other things...
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