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Rule Modeling Challenge - Collections

Given this vocabulary Solve these (separate) problems Given an arbitrary number of collections...
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Sample Applications based on the “Skydiver” pattern using Rollbase and Corticon

A selection of simple examples using the Corticon Skydiver pattern and Rollbase as the user interface...
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How to Create a Rollbase App in 20 Mouse Clicks

Rollbase provides a mechanism that allows you to import from a spreadsheet. This can be used to create...
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Validation Rule Modeling Case Study

When Entry Code is E2A or E3A or E4A or E09 * Grade must be PK through 12 * Prior School District must...
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Creating Rules from Excel Worksheets

As a rule author, you may need to create a Rulesheet from a lookup table. These tables tend to be revised...
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Rule Modeling Challenge - Sudoku

Create a rule model to solve a Sudoku problem such as this one:
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January 2016 Rule Modeling Challenge - Vacation - Solution #2

This problem was offered by Prof. Jan Vanthienen who is one of the best known experts in decision tables...
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Rule Modeling Challenge - Port Clearance - As Specified

Create a rule model (vocabulary, rule sheets and test cases) to implement these rules (which were assembled...
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Complex TANF Rule Modeling Case Study

The Business Use Case The objective is to evaluate a household consisting of a number of members (parents...
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Rule Modeling Challenge - Valentine's Day

Create a rule model to match up boys with girls according to these rules: Age must be within 5 years...
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How to Generate Permutations Using Corticon

Suppose you want to generate every possible permutation of two letters out of the set {A,B,C,D}. Is there...
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Rule Modeling Challenge - Magic Square

Create a rule model to find a magic square. For example Where the rows, columns and diagonals add...
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Feb 2015 Decision Modeling Community Rule Modeling Challenge - Making Change

This month we have a simple challenge problem: how can a given amount of money be made with the least...
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November 2015 Rule Modeling Challenge - Monkey Business

Mrs. Robinson’s 4th grade class took a field trip to the local zoo. The day was sunny and warm...
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Corticon Ruleflow Branching

In this video, we demonstrate how to reduce the complexity of large Ruleflows by using Ruleflow branching...
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