The Business Use Case

The objective is to evaluate a household consisting of a number of members (parents, children) to determine first the eligibility of the children and then the eligibility of the parents and finally the eligibility of the household.

The core eligibility conditions are:
 is deprived of the support or care of a parent;
 lives with a parent or specified relative; and
     time student in high school or in a high school equivalency program.

Once eligibility is determined, Assistance Groups are assigned to the household and members are allocated to the various assistance groups (NHEP, UP, IDP_TANF, APTD)

Finally payment periods are determined. Basically there will be three periods:
 From the request date until 10 days after
 From day 11 until the end of the month
 From the beginning of the next month onward

 (see also Introductory TANF)