We are trying to compile rule flows to EDS on a Linux server (Centos) and the Corticon Utils functionality. The rule flow compiles on Windows and OSX using the same set of tools and scripts, but on Linux with a case sensitive filesystem compilation fails with the following error:

[java] com.corticon.service.ccdeploy.exception.CcDeployInvalidDecisionServiceException: Failed to compile Ruleflow.
   [java] Nested Message: com.corticon.eclipse.studio.rulebuilder.InvalidAssetException: Invalid Asset.  Posted error messages attached to this asset.
   [java] Object state for: null: null
   [java] Object state for: java.lang.String: CcDeploymentUtilities
   [java] at com.corticon.eclipse.server.generators.CcDeploymentUtilities.precompileDecisionService(CcDeploymentUtilities.java:239)
   [java] at com.corticon.eclipse.studio.deployment.swing.impl.CcDeploy.precompileDecisionService(CcDeploy.java:425)

Corticon support pages indicate these errors are usually a result of an incorrect file path or name in one of the rule files. The problem is this project has a large number of files and directories and manually checking each one is not practical. Is there a means of identifying any incorrectly named files or directories, either via more in-depth error reporting, or via a tool in the Studio? Given that the same rule flow compiles on Windows and OSX (where case sensitivity is not an issue) it would appear this is one or more incorrectly named file references.